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    Workshop in the frame of the project EVENING CLASSES II. The Curatorial: Between Education and Institution Building, Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest.

    How did you decide to become an artist? What were your hopes, expectations and motivations for being an artist? What can art be in the present global situation of extreme urgency, what could be it’s role? What does the autonomy of art mean and from what could/should be art autonomous? What could be an analysis of the complex and contradictory position of the politically involved artist, an artist who is aware of her responsibility and who knows that she needs to find a balance between being inside an art system with all its inherent contradictions and compromises and being a citizen? When is it strategic to stop calling your work art? And also, how can you relate to the fact that “art”, in the neoliberal sens of creativity infuses every level of life from the “creative” way of writing your cv to the endless work of curating and performing your private life on social media?

    Using a format that we consider to be an efficient metaphor for the boundaries of freedom and for the prescribed rebellion in neoliberalism- the format of an workbook that we will fill in together- we want to develop a playful and serious, personal and theoretical discussion about art and its potential in the mixed, complex and often unclear and disappointing context of the everyday.

    The workbook used in the workshop (in Romanian).