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  • Overlapped realities

    Overlapped realities contains two images. One of them is depicting a typical high school classroom having the coat of arms of Romania and an orthodox icon displayed above the blackboard. The other image is showing the Technical University from our city, Timisoara, with the flags of Romania, European Union and NATO displayed on its fa├žade. The two images could be translated in series of words such as: nationalism, patriarchy, mandatory religion classes, more or less hidden racism, contents and methods oriented at stimulating competition and individualism, Bologna process, pressures of the capital, intrusion of militarisation in higher education and research. We carbon copied these intersections between patriarchy and capital, showing two apparently opposite but in reality complementary directions that are shaping the education system as this point, making these directions visible as a starting point to resist them.

    Work publised in the magazine Bildpunkt Herbst 2010 umfunktionieren lernen