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  • Green walnuts jam

    video, 04’33”, 2011
    Concept, camera, editing : h.arta, Simona Homorodean, Levente Kozma
    in the frame of the project Waiting Spaces

    The film has as a background a place that is symbolic for an atmosphere of uncertainty and waiting. The images were shot on a former military training ground near the industrial platform Solventul. The platform Solventul from Timisoara was until 1989 one of the largest petrochemical plants in the country. In the 90s, in the context of transition, the plant was privatized, then bankrupt, intended, in the early 2000s, to be the location for a residential complex. In the financial crisis, plans for construction of this residential complex were stopped. Currently, most of the buildings from the platform are destroyed. Over this background (military training ground invaded by nature, plant towers, which at the time when we filmed the video had not yet been demolished) we projected our fragmentary discussions about waiting, uncertainty, provisionality, future possibilities and limitations of art.