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  • Several thoughts on political art

    24 January 2016

    SEVERAL THOUGHTS ON POLITICAL ART, EDUCATION AND FAILURE (FRAGMENTS) In a context in which the financial crisis is fueling sexism, racism and nationalism and in which the neocon discourse on religion and the traditional family is becoming more visible and legitimate, what role could art play? What kind of art would be more effective? How […]

    The boundaries of freedom

    The boundaries of freedom In this text, we will present two projects we immersed into the logic of the street with a view to explore the memory of communism, our recent past, mechanisms of surveillance and control, the concept of revolution and the boundaries of freedom. We have always had an interest in the different […]

    Appearance and Essence

    Appearance and Essence, (Self-)colonization, Gentrification and Erasure. A Few Impressions published at: http://revistaarta.ro/ro/aparenta-si-esenta-autocolonizare-gentrificare-si-stergere-cateva-impresii/ In the guided tour of the exhibition Sigma. Mapping learning 1969-1983, opened to the pubic in one of the office buildings of City Business Center, the curator Alina ?erban said this, while talking about a work by Constantin Flondor: “Knowledge is subjective. […]

    About art and the ways we look at the world

    16 July 2010

    About art and the ways we look at the world Text published in German, in the book School works. Beitrage zu vermittelnder, kunstlerisher und forschender Praxis, eds: Eva Egermann and Anna Pritz, Loecker, Vienna, 2009 Read the text, in English, here.

    Art as methodology (interview by Raluca Voinea)

    8 July 2010

    ART AS METHODOLOGY Interview with h.arta Group about the project Feminisms, Timisoara, September 2008 – May 2009, realized by Raluca Voinea printed in IDEA arts+society #30-31 Raluca Voinea: For Spatiul Public Bucuresti | Public Art Bucharest 2007 you organized a space (Project Space) with multiple functions, a workshop, a meeting and information place, which every […]