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  • Waiting Spaces

    7 January 2012

    Spatii in asteptare/ Waiting spaces, Timisoara, 2012 Project realized by Simultan Association and h.arta. Participants: Huba Antal, Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant, Simona Homorodean, Levente Kozma, Rares Moldovan, Alin Rotariu, Mihai Salajan, Sergiu Sas, Szilard Szoke, Rodica Tache, Stefan Tiron, Botond Vajna Images: h.arta, Simona Homorodean, Levente Kozma, Sergiu Sas Text: h.arta, Stefan Tiron Translation into […]

    Everyday Fragments

    7 January 2011

    Everyday fragments, edited by Tobi Maier and h.arta, Spektor Books, Leipzig, 2012 See the publication here: Part 1 Part 2

    Are you talking to me?

    1 July 2010

    Are you talking to me ? Discussion on knowledge production, gender politics and feminist strategies ed. : Katharina Morawek and h.arta group Contributions by: Carolina Agredo, Anna Artaker, Elke Auer, Zanny Begg, Lina Dokuzovic, Veronika Eberhart, Eva Egermann, Eva Cruells, Marina Grzinic, Simina Guga, h.arta, Ana Hoffner, Reni Hofmueller, Maja- Lena Johansson, Ivan Jurica, Vida […]


    FEMINISME. Recapituland concepte si afirmand noi pozitii/ FEMINISMS. Reviewing concepts and affirming new positions ed. h.arta, Timisoara, 2010 Contributors : Petja Dimitrova, Lina Dokuzovic &Eduard Freudmann, Grupul F.I.A., C.A.R.E. Centre, Carmen Gheorghe, Simina Guga, h.arta, Reni Hofmueller, Katharina Koch, Monica Melin, Nita Mocanu, Katharina Morawek. The book is available for download here: http://feminisme.ro/blog/?p=35 INTRODUCTION Feminism […]


    2008 2008 (published by IDEA Publishing House Cluj and Walther Konig Koln, edited by Marius Babias and Sabine Hentsch in 2007) is a weekly diary, a practical object that people can use in their everyday life and which contains, in relation to some days of the year, texts and images commenting an event from the […]

    About us (and) the others

    About us (and) the others Contributors: Eduard Constantin, Stefan Constantinescu, Ulf Eriksson&Gerhard Blum, Catalin Gheorghe, Felice Hapetzeder, Karl Holmqvist, Cezar Lazarescu, Johan Lundh, Nita Mocanu, Vlad Morariu, Ylva Ogland, Raluca Voinea and h.arta in interview with: Gerd Aurell, Stefan Constantinescu, Ulf Eriksson & Gerhard Blum, Ludwig Franzen, Emma- Lina Ericson & Moa Krestesen, Felice Hapetzeder, […]

    About art and the ways we look at the world

    About art and the ways we look at the world Text published in the catalogue “Periferic 7: Focussing Iasi/ “Social processes”, ed. Marius Babias and Angelika Nollert, Polirom and Revolver, 2006 Posters displayed in the public space of Iasi in the frame of Periferic Biennial/ “Social Processes”, curated by Marius Babias and Angelika Nollert, 2006 […]

    See me as I am

    Priveste-ma asa cum sunt. Cuvinte si imagini ale femeilor rome/ Dikh man kada sar sem. Lava aj dikimata le rromnenqe/ See me as I am. Words and images of Roma women authors: Carmen Gheorghe/ h.arta Timisoara/ Bucharest, 2010 Download publication: http://seemeasiam.wordpress.com Introduction See me as I am. Words and images of Roma women Roma live […]