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  • Mapping h.arta

    1 July 2010

    Mapping h.arta installation, The Last East European Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, 2003 According to Brian O’Doherty the characteristics of the relationship between gallery and public can be extracted also from analyzing the typical representation of the spectator in installation photographs. O’Doherty talks about photos in which the visitor is always seen from behind, […]

    About us

    29 June 2010

    h.arta is a group of three women artists, Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant and Rodica Tache. We work together as h.arta group since 2001, when we founded h.arta space, a not-for-profit space in Timisoara. H.arta is sometimes a physical space, but many times its projects are taking different formats, changing contexts and locations. Our group is […]