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  • When is happiness possible?

    7 September 2014

    When is happiness possible? tranzit.ro/Clujcurator: Attila TordaiApril 2014 Is happiness an individual matter, is it possible in the vicinity of others` unhappiness? In a context of extreme right discourses becoming increasingly visible in the public space, where the intrusion of capital in all aspects of society being increasingly obvious, where the inalienable rights such as […]

    Free urban gardens

    7 September 2013

    Free urban gardens The vegetable gardens which used to exist between apartment buildings in the socialist era, and then during the transition period, have disappeared. Timisoara, like other cities in Romania, has a local regulation which prohibits growing vegetables in public spaces. Even if it may seem like a minor issue, this interdiction is indicative […]

    Waiting Spaces

    7 January 2013

    Waiting Spaces Project realized by Simultan Association and h.arta. Participants: Huba Antal, Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant, Simona Homorodean, Levente Kozma, Rares Moldovan, Alin Rotariu, Mihai Salajan, Sergiu Sas, Szilard Szoke, Rodica Tache, Stefan Tiron, Botond Vajna At the beginning of 2010, Simultan Association and h.arta group initiated in Timi?oara a series of reunions bringing together […]

    When the meanings of the words start to change

    When the meanings of the words start to change workshop with students at the Art Academy in Bucharest in the frame of the project Un.Education. Reflections on the future of the art education, project by Raluca Voinea and Alexandra Croitoru, subRahova, Bucharest. During a two days workshop, we discussed with students at the Art Academy […]

    Green walnuts jam

    24 January 2012

    video, 04’33”, 2011 Concept, camera, editing : h.arta, Simona Homorodean, Levente Kozma in the frame of the project Waiting Spaces The film has as a background a place that is symbolic for an atmosphere of uncertainty and waiting. The images were shot on a former military training ground near the industrial platform Solventul. The platform […]

    Time travellers

    video, 07’07”, 2012 Concept and editing: h.arta Camera: Huba Antal, Levente Kozma, Botond Vajna In the frame of the project Waiting Spaces Using as a background a former precast plant, we wondered what would have been the reaction of the workers that used to work in this plant in the 80s (people of our parents’ […]

    A few fragments about happiness

    video, 13’53”, 2012Concept and editing: h.artaCamera : Huba Antal, Levente Kozma In the frame of the project Waiting Spaces On the waiting post-industrial spaces, places lost from the commons, places frozen in history, ruins of the past that are still waiting for an uncertain future, we wanted to project our thoughts on happiness. Happiness not […]

    Everyday Fragments

    14 January 2012

    http://http://www.ludlow38.org/archive/index.php?/2011/harta-group/ Everyday Fragments is be based on two projects – The Most Beautiful Day of My Life (2007-2009) and Inspired by life (2010-2011) – and on a work realised in collaboration with Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden. By different means such as texts, drawings, photography, video and objects, the exhibition explores questions such as: “What […]

    How did you decide to work in the art field?

    7 January 2012

    How did you decide to work in the art field? (Art as methodology) workshop and presentation in the frame of the CuMMA (Curating and Mediating Art) seminar of Nora Sternfeld, Aalto University, Helsinki. “How did you decide to work in the art field?” has its starting point in a series of workshops and discussions titled […]

    The trap is to say there is no way out

    The trap is to say there is no way out Contribution to the project Politics of the small act, project initiated and organized by Katalin Erdodi, Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig. The statements were created in the frame of the project We are part of the system but not so much, 2009, Det Fynske Kunstakademi, […]